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Drain, Sewer and Septic Treatments


Clogged drains may be a symptom of broken or collapsed pipes (or faulty workmanship) but more likely it’s due to normal wear and tears.  Blockages caused by the accumulation of oils and food debris from kitchen activity and tree root infiltration are the two most likely culprits. A maintenance plan including professional-grade chemical treatments can help control these problems and extend the life of your drain, sewer, and septic system.


Typically after finishing a meal one would pre-rinse the plate prior to placing it in the dishwasher. The residual grease, oils, and fat from the plate rinse down the drain and will adhere to and solidify on the interior walls of your pipes. Over time you may notice a slowing of your drains; this is the narrowing of your pipe inside diameter due to the accumulation of FFOG inside your pipes! Every drainage system that carries even a small amount of FFOG waste will eventually have problems when enough food, fat, oil, and grease has accumulated to slow or clog the pipes or drains. To clear this type of blockage, the Rocket Rooter plumber would first use our industrial cable machine to poke a hole in the grease plug, and then scour the interior of the pipe using a hydro-jetter to remove as much of the remaining residue as possible.

Follow Up With Chemical Drain Treatments

To avoid premature plumbing emergencies, drain maintenance products are available to help maintain drains through the use of enzymes.  Professional-grade products such as Bioline are specially engineered to break down fats and oils within the pipe and extend the useful life of your drainage system. It’s like a probiotic for your sewer system!

We recommend an annual or semi-annual chemical treatment of BioLine in the spring and/or fall. Contact us now to start your maintenance program!


Tree roots love water, and they love fertilizer. Your underground sewer line contains both! The tendrils of a tree young tree root need only to find the smallest entry point to squeeze into your pipes, and once they’re in it’s a smorgasbord. Before long the single tree root is now a full-fledged root ball. It catches solid matter in its web of tendrils until it is a full-fledged blockage. To clear this blockage a plumber will again need the use of their cable machine and hydro jetter, followed by chemical drain treatments.

There are many chemical drain treatments sold at home improvement stores, but Rocket Rooter recommends and endorses only one brand, Root-X. This professional-grade product is environmentally safe and endorsed by a number of municipalities. Unlike many off-the-shelf products that are poured into drains and treat only the bottom of the pipe, Root-X foams. The foam fills the entire pipe, top to bottom, killing and inhibiting growth wherever the root entry may be. What’s even more impressive is that Root-X warranties that roots will not grow back for a full year!

We recommend a chemical treatment with Root-X after every root clearing drain project. As a maintenance product, we recommend the application of the product every spring. Contact us now to start your pipe and drainage maintenance program!

Note: although biodegradable this product is dangerous and should only be applied by a professional.